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Hardware of process performance

Author:admin Published:2015-03-25 20:05:44
  Refers to a material subjected to various processing, the processing ability of those properties.
  Cast performance: refers to the metal or alloy is suitable for the casting of some technological properties, including streaming performance, full of mold capacity; contractile ability of the volume contraction during solidification; segregation refers to the chemical composition of unevenness.
  Welding performance: refers to the metal material by heating or heating and compression bonding method, the two or more metal materials welded together, to meet the purpose of use at the interface characteristics.
  Top gas segment performance: refers to the metal material can withstand without breaking granted upset performance.
  Forming performance: that of metallic materials at room temperature can withstand bending without breaking performance. General degree of bending deflection angle α (outer corner) or apex diameter d of material thickness represents a ratio, a greater or d / a smaller, the cold bending of the better material.
  Stamping performance: metal stamping material to withstand deformation processing without rupture. At room temperature is called cold stamping stamping. Cupping test test method for testing.
  Forged Performance: Forging metal materials processing capacity to withstand plastic deformation without rupture.
  Chemical properties
  Refers to a chemical or electrochemical reaction resistance properties of metallic materials when sweeping contact with the surrounding medium.
  Corrosion resistance: refers to the ability of metallic materials to resist various media erosion.
  Oxidation resistance: refers to the metal at high temperatures, resistance to produce the descaling capability.