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    Hardware origin [2015-03-25]
    The most primitive form from the windows slightly altered form of the doorway, whose role is to withstand harsh outdoor lighting and weather. This time window is very rich material from the goatskin parchment, horn sheet of paper to linsee...
    Hardware of process performance [2015-03-25]
    Refers to a material subjected to various processing, the processing ability of those properties. Cast performance: refers to the metal or alloy is suitable for the casting of some technological properties, including streaming performance,...
    The mechanical properties of metal [2015-03-25]
    Refers to the mechanical properties of metallic materials in the external force demonstrated characteristics. 1. Strength: materials under external force (load) action, the ability to resist deformation and fracture. Load per unit area of...
    Hardware Industry Products [2015-03-25]
    A wide range of hardware products, specifications vary, but hardware products in home decoration but also plays an irreplaceable role in selecting good hardware accessories can make a lot of decorative materials to use more secure and conv...
    Stretching pieces principle [2015-03-25]
    1, metal deep drawing (Deep Drawing) Deep drawing is stamping, pull rings or metal mold process to plate metal material is deformed into the shape of a cylinder or a box of parts. Deep in the double-action pull is usually blank holder pres...
    Stretching pieces in the process of problem [2015-03-25]
    High tensile metal parts processing productivity, and easy to operate, easy to implement mechanization and automation. This is because the stamping dies and stamping equipment rely on to complete the processing, general press trips for up...
    Classification and forms hoop [2015-03-25]
    Rod hoop: lineman in the cement pole, under lever; Foot hoop: in the absence of holes for pole mount brace with cement; Chuck hoop: To increase the ability of anti-tilt in the soft soil cement pole in the ground where the installation chuc...
    Tensile strength testing of metals[2015-03-25]
    Ability to resist plastic deformation and fracture of metallic materials under external loading effect called strength. Different according to the nature of the external force, there are yield strength, tensile strength, compressive streng...
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