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Corrosion of Metal stretching pieces

Author:admin Published:2015-03-25 19:29:06
  The main method of corrosion of metal parts stretch
  ① change the internal structure of the metal. For example, the chromium, nickel added to ordinary steel made of stainless steel.
  ② covering protective layer on the metal surface. For example, the metal surface painted, plated or chemically corrosion-resistant dense oxide film is formed. Drawing parts manufacturers
  ③ electrochemical protection law. Because elemental metals can not get electronic, as long as the protected electrochemical device made of metal reduction reaction of a pole - cathode, can make the cause galvanic corrosion of metal galvanic reaction eliminated. Specific methods are:. A law impressed current cathodic protection. By electrolytic means, so that the metal to be protected and connected to the negative supply, the other with an inert electrode as the anode, so long as the applied voltage is strong enough, can be protected so that the metal from corrosion. b. sacrificial anode cathodic protection. Means the use of primary cells, so that the metal to be protected more easily lose electrons with another metal to form a new primary cell. Galvanic cell reaction occurs when the original positive electrode made of metal (i.e. cathode), is protected by corrosion is the applied active metal - a negative electrode (i.e., anode). In addition, there are other methods to increase inhibitor, slow or prevent corrosion of metal stretching pieces.