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Stretching pieces of the manufacturing process

Author:admin Published:2015-03-25 19:27:10
  Why stretching pieces need to go through many times in the production of stretch it? This is because many times can stretch so that the total elongation factor and production efficiency is greatly improved, and the ability to ensure the accuracy of the product through a multi-channel uniform stretching. , A molding technology is necessary, pull the bad scrapped, repeatedly stretching can pull evenly, thereby reducing the amount of scrap. This is in order to stress the intermediate annealing softening, not prone to waste. Drawing parts of the structure of a process. Shape drawing parts should be as simple and symmetrical, as a stretch forming; 2. To be repeated stretching of parts, to ensure the quality of the surface quality of the premise of reducing the inner and outer surfaces of the presence of traces of the drawing process that may arise; 3. Under the requirements of the premise to ensure that the assembly should be guaranteed a certain stretch side wall slope; 4. Bottom of the hole or flange stretching pieces on the distance to the edge of the side wall to the right, proper; 5. Bottom and wall flange and wall corners of the rectangular piece of fillet radius stretching pieces to the right, take the tension member and the bottom wall radius 1pr = 1.5mm, mm5.1r2p =, stretch flange and radius wall mm2rd1 =, mm5.1r2d =; 6. Stretching pieces of dimensions, should be specified to ensure the dimensions, or the internal dimension, can not be marked within the dimensions.