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There are several features which stretched pieces

Author:admin Published:2015-03-25 18:25:24
  A complex shape, high dimensional and geometric precision, most material thickness t> 3mm ~ 12.5mm, with a slab of fine blanking plate, red section straight, smooth, quality comparable with machining.
  2, drawing a clear contour, small collapse angle, some holes and hole spacing margin (thickness) ≤t and have embossing, sink holes, blind holes and the hub flange forming fine blanking, etc., especially small modulus involute, cycloid, triangular, rectangular, trapezoidal shape precision gear fine pieces, all other manufacturing process difficult.
  3, are the mass production and achieve modest economic scale electromechanical product components, including: auto handbrake, cars, motorcycles and other products of fine blanking parts, raw materials by a mold finished parts, no cutting.
  4, stretching pieces of work hardening effect due to the red section, the surface hardness, strength greatly improved, abrasion and weathering performance improvement, used as a sports surface, the friction surface profile of gear, bushings and other fine pieces, which life will be boosted.