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Hoop demand

Author:admin Published:2015-03-25 18:23:52
  Hoop the market has always been the question I have been concerned about the market's rally could use it to pull hoop market demand and sales to measure the size of the market, in relation to three years or longer in record data and the size of the market capacity in the production of the next three to five years, the development of investment projects compliance. With the growing awareness of the wire hoop of demand, the product market is getting better, a few years ago to record the data to prove it. If the previous data is volatile, but also its tendency to make further observations, if the law with authenticity, then the analysis of market conditions in the future to think of this cyclical concept.
  In the development process of future market conditions, for the increased pull hoop products also need to ensure that there are investment projects increased ability to bring to market new products, so the number of products produced by the investment projects and production companies in the production of the sum of the number of products in order to become the total amount of all enterprise products on the market pull hoop, the total amount of product and market capacity than is the market share, the market price is observed from the market share in this. And in different market sectors corresponding market price-earnings ratio is different, directly affect the overall investment fund size, not the same market segments will directly wire hoop of listed companies which have a certain status the impact of market and stock market, the main business of the product must have demonstrated products based on industry. So, pull hoop of market and product company in the market share is complementary. Fall and rise and fall and rise with the intensity of competition in an industry as well as the development trend of the company's market position is consistent.