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The importance of quality stretching pieces

Author:admin Published:2015-03-25 18:22:00
  With the continuous progress and the level of economic development of science and technology continues to improve, machinery manufacturing industry in the drawing parts manufacturers also fast development of high quality, it is no exaggeration to say that there are several or even dozens of using an high day Technology of mechanical products available. It is true that the application of high technology in the machinery industry, making the production of drawing parts more intelligent, either from the appearance or operations to subvert the people of the kind of heavy machinery, inflexible impression. Philosophical sense of quantitative as well as qualitative change will cause short plate theory is to explain any object is a system, a system, less any one cell and components can not be called complete. So, when people start getting concerned about the high-tech highlights of time can not be ignored by a variety of high-precision support structure formed by combining stretching pieces, because there is no solid support platform, using all the high-tech will be on paper.
        So has the foundation, the basis for the role of drawing parts quality is an important issue can not be ignored. So what kind of concrete tensile pieces is good quality? Stretch of processing factory machinery factory in Weifang City, Weifang Here we summarize the two points. First stretch of good quality parts production and processing of products using high-quality metal or non-metal sheet; secondly in stamping process can not damage the surface of the raw material; Another point is that a high-quality production and processing of products stretching pieces must have a high dimensional accuracy. Only fully equipped with the above three points, can be said to be of good quality stretch parts production and processing products.
  (1) avoid the wash: paper for air, can not use any oil washing; for cortical parts, nor is appropriate cleansing oils.
  (2) to avoid oil: Engine dry paper filter, such as stained with oil, easy to make a higher concentration of the mixture drawn into the cylinder, so that less air volume, increased fuel consumption, engine power down; if the triangle tape coated with oil solution, will accelerate the corrosion of aging; brake shoe, friction plate dry clutch, brake and other stained with oil, it will threaten traffic safety.
  (3) to avoid the heat: the engine temperature is too high, easily lead to overheating seizure occurred hold cylinder; rubber seals, triangle tape, tires overheating, easy to premature aging, slow performance and shorten life; engines, generators, adjust superheater coil and other electrical equipment, easily burned and scrapped.
  (4) to avoid pressure: tire pressure tire pile if long-term storage of not promptly flip, it will be deformed due to compression; paper element air filter, fuel filter, such as extrusion occurs, but can not be reliably play a role in filtration; rubber seal, triangle tape, tubing, etc. can not be squeezed.
  (5) to avoid dirty: ,, fuel filter air filter, hydraulic oil filter and various filters and other parts if it is too dirty, it will lead to deterioration of filtering effect. Tank heat sink, air-cooled engine block and cylinder head fins, fin coolers and other components too dirty, it will lead to poor cooling, the temperature is too high.
  (6) Anti-avoidance: When installing the engine cylinder head gasket can not hold against, otherwise it will lead to premature cylinder head gasket erosion damage; not when the engine fan blades installed backwards; to have the direction of the tire tread, herringbone tread tires, installation After the glenoid surface should make the word tip pointing rear.
  (7) to avoid repeating: Some parts of this should be a one-time use, the individual driver or mechanic, but in order to save or do not understand the contraindications and repeated use, this can easily lead to accidents.
  (8) to avoid near fire: tires, triangle belt, cylinder water blocking ring, rubber seals and other rubber products, if close to the fire, will be easy to aging deterioration or damage, on the other hand may also cause fires.
  (9) to avoid missing: the engine air lock piece, should be installed in pairs, such as missing equipment or missing will lead to loss of control and crashed piston valves and other pieces; engine connecting rod bolts, flywheel bolts, cotter pins installed on the bolt, tighten the screws or spring pads and other locking devices, once missing equipment, will be used may result in a serious malfunction.