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What is the hoop? Classification hoop?

Author:admin Published:2015-03-25 18:20:33
  The so-called hoop is made of a material clinging to the hoop or another material components. It belongs to the fasteners. Hoop device consists hoop board, wings, ribs Rachel, bolts and inner liner.
  Classification hoop
  Hoop has a good variety, cable hoop, hoop wire rod, wire hoop, hoop hanging wire, stainless steel hoop are more commonly used.
  Embedded hoop, it is by the left and right halves of the hoop after the connection is made on the combined left and right halves showed a semicircular piece hoop ring, semi-circle at both ends bent outward, each forming a mounting ears, wherein: there are embedded slots open on the left half of the end piece hoop mounting ears, provided with a pin on the appropriate side of the hoop corresponding mounting ears, and its cooperating right piece, right piece hoop end install pin embedded on the left ear piece attached to one end embedded slots hoop ear on.