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Arrangement structure hoop and upper connecting bolts

Author:admin Published:2015-03-25 18:15:54
  1. The structure of the body in the form of hoop
     Hoop mounted on the pier when the pier must be dense paste. Because pier section can not be absolutely round, roundness of each pier is different, even if different sections of the same pier its roundness also vary. Therefore, in order to adapt to a variety of non-circularity of the pier itself, hoop hoop no body should adopt flexible hoop hoop stiffening body, which uses no steel stiffeners for hoop body. Thus, when applied to the pre-tension, due to the hoop itself is flexible, easy and pier dense paste. During the construction of them, in order to ensure a snug effect is more obvious, generally between hoop and pole pad with geotextile.
  2. connecting plate bolt arrangement
    Hoop bolts on its pre-tension must be able to ensure that the friction between the hoop and the pier can reliably transmit loads. Therefore, there must be a sufficient number of bolts to ensure that pre-tension. If a single ferrule body from the connection plate and the force to be considered, on the connecting plate on the bolt is preferably arranged in a vertical row. But in that case, the height of the body is bound to a larger hoop. Especially when a large beam load cover, bolts needed more height will be a big hoop, hoop will increase investment, and high hoop will give construction inconvenience. Therefore, as long as the use of sufficient thickness and set the necessary connection plate stiffeners, generally on the bolts in the vertical webs arranged in two rows. This is technically feasible, the practice has proved to be successful.