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    Corrosion of Metal stretching pieces [2015-03-25]
    The main method of corrosion of metal parts stretch ① change the internal structure of the metal. For example, the chromium, nickel added to ordinary steel made of stainless steel. ② covering protective layer on the metal surface. For ex...
    Stretching pieces of the manufacturing process [2015-03-25]
    Why stretching pieces need to go through many times in the production of stretch it? This is because many times can stretch so that the total elongation factor and production efficiency is greatly improved, and the ability to ensure the ac...
    Embedded hoop Features[2015-03-25]
    What are the characteristics of embedded hoop it? Hoop manufacturer of embedded hoop you explain product features, we all know that the so-called hoop is made of a material clinging to the hoop or another material components. It belong fas...
    There are several features which stretched pieces[2015-03-25]
    A complex shape, high dimensional and geometric precision, most material thickness t 3mm ~ 12.5mm, with a slab of fine blanking plate, red section straight, smooth, quality comparable with machining. 2, drawing a clear contour, small colla...
    Hoop demand[2015-03-25]
    Hoop the market has always been the question I have been concerned about the markets rally could use it to pull hoop market demand and sales to measure the size of the market, in relation to three years or longer in record data and the siz...
    The importance of quality stretching pieces[2015-03-25]
    With the continuous progress and the level of economic development of science and technology continues to improve, machinery manufacturing industry in the drawing parts manufacturers also fast development of high quality, it is no exaggera...
    What is the hoop? Classification hoop?[2015-03-25]
    The so-called hoop is made of a material clinging to the hoop or another material components. It belongs to the fasteners. Hoop device consists hoop board, wings, ribs Rachel, bolts and inner liner. Classification hoop Hoop has a good vari...
    Arrangement structure hoop and upper connecting bolts[2015-03-25]
    1. The structure of the body in the form of hoop Hoop mounted on the pier when the pier must be dense paste. Because pier section can not be absolutely round, roundness of each pier is different, even if different sections of the same pier...
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