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Hoop installation technology

Author:admin Published:2015-03-25 19:16:16
  If we pay attention to the words usually not difficult to find hoop in our lives everywhere, it belongs to a fastener, is essential to the life of the equipment, the following hoop manufacturer to introduce to you one hoop installation techniques:
  Hoop operation is very simple, no special expertise, ordinary workers through simple training to operate. This is because the product has a lot of fine technical part ways with factory integrated into the production of finished products. A pipe connected to only a few minutes, the maximum simplifies the technical difficulty of field operations, save time, and thus stabilize the project quality, improve work efficiency. This is the hoop installation overall direction of technology development.
  Hoop connection technology using Groove Tube site requires only cutting machines, slot machines and button roll bolts with a wrench, to facilitate construction organization. The use of welded and flanged connections, you need to be equipped complex power cables, cutting machines, welding machines and oxygen and acetylene cylinders, etc., which brings to the complexity of the construction organization, and there is also the risk of leakage and fire hazards .
  Hoop pipe connections, only the outer surface of the pipe is connected with a roller slot machines squeeze out a trench, without damaging the pipe wall structure, which is connected to pipe trench unique technical advantages. If the hoop using traditional welding operation, many of the inner wall of the pipe coating done will be destroyed. So specification galvanized pipes, plastic-lined steel pipe, plastic composite pipe and so should not be used for welding and flange connection, otherwise the need for secondary treatment, which is to ensure the safety hoop needs.