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Stainless steel hoop performance

Author:admin Published:2015-03-25 19:04:11
  First, the mechanical properties. We can see from the word of stainless steel standard parts is mainly made of stainless steel wire as raw material, and then follow the steps in the production of a series of standard processes pier playing, etc., in the mechanical properties, we are now able to know a lot of stainless steel The wire has a great relationship. For example, will not rust, high corrosion resistance of stainless steel which are followed by the nature has a great relationship with the continuous development of standard parts, follow these mechanical properties are getting stronger.
  Second, temperature resistance. Due to the hardness of stainless steel itself is relatively strong, so hoop hoop after manufacturer has produced a strong antioxidant capacity, and is not able to work under high temperature, high temperature will not burn too much influence, if After passivation can be manufactured simultaneously, then the effect will be getting better and better.
  Three, the force capability. For stainless steel hoop, the ability to withstand the loads are relatively, although not capable of high-strength bolts and compared with each other, but also to meet the needs of normal people.
  Fourth, the physical properties. Yin has a relatively high electrical rates. And compared to carbon steel wire, stainless steel fasteners, we can see overcast rate five times higher than carbon steel a whole. There is a factor in the expansion of the standard, clear hoop manufacturer tested to know if the temperature is higher, then the coefficient of expansion of stainless steel fasteners will have some improvement.
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