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    Three trends in the hardware industry [2015-03-25]
    After thirty years of development, Chinas hardware industry has become more mature, and in the world market also occupies an important position in Chinas current production of metal products, many in the world, such as lighters, zippers, w...
    China's hardware industry status quo: "Lost" and "abnorma [2015-03-25]
    When the financial crisis sweeping the globe, the Chinese hardware industry was not spared, some strength is not strong, low-tech companies going out of business, changing the converting. Hardware Industry Association to carry out various...
    Today the development of the hardware industry [2015-03-25]
    Hardware industry is very fast, the most traditional hardware industry concentrated mainly in a few markets mechanical fittings, architectural hardware, decorative hardware, hardware that several major section. Hardware industry industry c...
    Modern Hardware [2015-03-25]
    History into the modern industrial society, metal - metal products industry is the rapid development of the hardware industry has played an invaluable role in national economic development, hardware manufacturing industry has become an ind...
    Source Hardware words [2015-03-25]
    Hardware - refers to the five kinds of metals. The term first appeared in the hardware, Wu Yue four lu within Biography: I heard that King often make Ouyezi sword making five medals, ...... a Zhanlu, Hardware Britain, fine sun. Press Han f...
    Hardware concept [2015-03-25]
    Hardware: The traditional metal products, also known as hardware. Refers to gold, silver, copper, iron, tin five kinds of metals. The manual processing can be made knives, swords and other works of art or metal devices. Hardware modern soc...
    Hoop installation technology[2015-03-25]
    If we pay attention to the words usually not difficult to find hoop in our lives everywhere, it belongs to a fastener, is essential to the life of the equipment, the following hoop manufacturer to introduce to you one hoop installation tec...
    Stainless steel hoop performance[2015-03-25]
    First, the mechanical properties. We can see from the word of stainless steel standard parts is mainly made of stainless steel wire as raw material, and then follow the steps in the production of a series of standard processes pier playing...
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