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Why would they choose

High-intensity R & D investment and professional management to win
R & D capability, R & D investment and more customization capabilities and strong differentiation

With many years of experience to win
15 years of dedicated research and development of hardware products, is R & D, manufacturing and sales of metal products manufacturing company
Quality assurance win
Daqiang former factory, need to go through layers of inspection and testing
The company has:

①Goods seized;


At a reasonable price and cost advantage to win
Adhere to the production process from raw materials to cost control
Providing customers with high quality and reasonable price, value beyond price
Quick response and timely delivery capability win
Quality customers, under a single instant, real-time getting goods, eliminating the intermediate trial, transfer cargo, logistics, inspection
Quality service to win
Years of experience, and strive to achieve beyond the customers think, from customer orders to product delivery to your door, to provide customers with technical support, flexible and high quality service

Daqiang Hardware customization expert

Cangzhou Daqiang Hardware Products Co., Ltd.

  Cangzhou Daqiang Hardware Products Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000, is located in China Hardware rural South County, Hebei Province, adjacent to Beijing and Tianjin, east of Bohai Bay, south and Shandong border, the territory of the Beijing-Shanghai railway and the Beijing-Shanghai Expressway , convenient transportation and accessible. The company covers an area of ten thousand square meters, employs nearly 200 people, through the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification. In 2009 pas...

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Hardware How to maintain

  1, to keep metal parts cleaning, water damage caused by careless use, such as on the surface and wipe dry after use should always be kept clean and dry surface. 2, not the hot cup of tea or other hot objects directly on furniture hardware

Transition metal industry upgrade

  Chinas hardware industry through hard struggle, finally ushered in good news frequently in recent years, and exciting. After ten years of bloody battles, the hardware industry has experienced ups and downs, has become a veritable hardware

Hardware consumption

  With the gradual increase peoples consumption level, ordinary people into the family car, car accessories, hand tools and car care needs has been greatly improved. Car lorry tools including wrenches, jacks, rivet gun, especially the best s

Hardware Application and Development

  Modern Hardware refers to iron, steel, aluminum and other metal after forging, rolling, cutting and other physical processing devices made of various metals. Divided according to the products use, can be divided into tools, hardware, archi

Development of the domestic hardware industry

  The rapid growth of Chinas hardware industry status and influence in the international community increasingly strengthened, China is infinite vigor and vitality, realize the power of the hardware power to a metal cross, from the hardware t


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